West Coast Green Ideas Still Reverberate

By Jon Dougal
Although the West Coast Green Conference & Expo in San Francisco occurred almost five months ago, it set some waste management standards that are worth noting. The expo, using a combination of composting, recycling and carbon offsets, successfully diverted 96 percent of its garbage from landfills.

Ecobuild Conference: Successful Designs in Green Building

By Michelle M. Murphy
New design techniques for green building are continuously examined by architects and engineers. Some new designs reap greater rewards than anticipated; others create challenges when they don't work as planned.

Ecobuild Conference: Fiscal Incentives for Solar Use

By Michelle M. Murphy
If threats of global warming and dangerous greenhouse gases aren't enough reason to seek alternative sources for energy, federal business and residential solar tax incentives can encourage homeowners and corporations to purchase solar energy systems.

Green Schools Conference: State Architect Discusses Grid Neutrality

By Matthew Crawford
With the goal of achieving grid neutrality at all new schools, California State Architect David Thorman is working to change the way school administrators think about construction projects.

Greenbuild Swells With Capacity Crowds

Greenbuild, the U.S. Green Building Council's annual conference, swept through Chicago last week, cramming the facilities at McCormick Place with more than 21,000 attendees and 850 exhibitors.