Moisture-sensing Fan Control

The FS-300 Adjustable Humidity and Condensation Fan Control with integrated QUE moisture prediction software senses when condensation is present and automatically turns the fan on to dispel moisture, which can otherwise cause mold and mildew, and turns the fan off when dry.

Dynamic Architectural Glass

SageGlass is a sustainable glazing solution that saves energy, money and the environment.

Educational Garden System

Windowfarms systems are a great way to bring hands-on science education to students and create a cleaner, healthier and more vibrant learning environment.

High Performance Air Filter

Camfil Farr’s 30/30 high-capacity MERV 8 pleated panel air filter is designed for medium-efficiency filtration.

Water-Saving Urinal

Designed with an asymmetric back-wall, Zurn Industries’ new Omni-Flo Urinal minimizes splash back while providing sleek, modern aesthetics.