Heat Pump

Milwaukee-based Johnson Controls added a new rooftop heat pump to its Champion brand.

High-Output, Low-Efficacy Flood LED

The OSQ Series by Cree Inc. has increased the efficiency performance of its latest area and flood LED luminaires by 58 percent from the previous generation.

Low-emissivity Colored Glass

Pittsburgh-based company PPG has come out with three new colors for their insulating glass units (IGUs), Ultra-Clear, Optiblue and Optigray.

Wall-Mounted Solar Inverter

Delta Products created the world’s first, wall-mounted 80-kilowatt string inverter called the M80U Photovoltaic inverter.

High-Efficiency Urinal

Sloan, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has added a new Hybrid Retrofit Urinal to its collection of high-efficiency products that cut water use dramatically and make it easy to replace existing urinals — both traditional flushing and water-free styles.