Surfacing Material

Denim by TorZo Surfaces offers outstanding performance and longevity through the exclusive TorZo Surfaces acrylic infusion process.

LED Light Fixture

The explosion-proof LED light fixture from Larson Electronics provides 37,500 lumens of high-quality light while drawing only 450 watts.

LEED Calculator

With the launch of its new Green Genie online environmental information tool, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems is harnessing the power of a web-based, ecoScorecard technology platform to help architects and designers identify, evaluate and document ceiling products that fulfill the environmental goals of their projects.

Tubular LED Lamp

Energy Focus Inc. introduces its new tubular LED (TLED) lamps, offering more than 150 lumens per watt to achieve energy efficiency and high performance.

Marquee LED Lamp

MaxLite introduced the Wet-Listed Marquee LED Lamp.