Solar Kit

AceClamp/PMC Industries’ AceClamp A2 is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof solar kit that is stronger than most single set-screw clamps, and won't scratch the roof panel when installed.

Reclaimed Flooring

Made in the USA and sustainably sourced from post-industrial revolution barns, factories and mills, GreenClaimed reclaimed solid oak flooring retains unique characteristics only made possible by its previous life of service in America’s heartlands.

Sun Control

Phifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series Fabrics, now made with Dow Ecolibrium Bio-based Plasticizers, combine the durability of vinyl-coated polyester with the latest in green vinyl technology.

Moisture-sensing Fan Control

The FS-300 Adjustable Humidity and Condensation Fan Control with integrated QUE moisture prediction software senses when condensation is present and automatically turns the fan on to dispel moisture, which can otherwise cause mold and mildew, and turns the fan off when dry.

Dynamic Architectural Glass

SageGlass is a sustainable glazing solution that saves energy, money and the environment.