Solar Industry CEOs Launch Global Solar Council

BRUSSELS — Representatives from seven major international companies in the solar photovoltaic industry came together to form the Global Solar Council, a CEO-level coalition aiming to expand global deployment of solar energy in a sustainable and cost-competitive way.

The Council members plan to engage with policymakers worldwide to demonstrate the industry’s progress towards abundant, affordable and low emissions energy and to emphasize the importance of a supportive policy and trade environment to enable the ongoing development of competitively-priced solar energy, drive job creation and economic growth.

Members of the Council come from all steps in the supply chain, from material suppliers to product manufacturers and financing, policy, research and innovation, cross-border cooperation, and grid development and management.

Roland-Jan Meijer, formerly a senior advisor at Thorvik International Consulting and vice president of Environmental Affairs at Holcim, will serve as executive director of the Council.

“Solar energy has already proven itself a viable contribution to energy sources in many markets, particularly in the EU and the US, and the industry continues to improve the cost-effectiveness of this technology,” said Bob Hansen, CEO of Dow Corning. “The Global Solar Council will enable us to continue the expansion of cost-effective solar power in collaboration with governments and other stakeholders.”

The Council’s role will be complementary to existing regional trade associations and other stakeholders, with members working in concert with organizations like the EPIA, APVIA and SEIA to support their efforts on a global level.

Global Solar Council founding members:

Applied Materials

Dr. Charles F. Gay, President, Applied Solar

Dow Corning

Robert D. Hansen, CEO


David B. Miller, President, Dupont Electronics & Communication

First Solar

Michael J. Ahearn, Chairman and Interim CEO

Lanco Solar

Vutukuri Saibaba, CEO

Phoenix Solar

Dr. Andreas Hänel, CEO


Dr. Zhengrong Shi, CEO

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